What is Medical Travel?


Have you ever heard of anyone saving money on their hospital bills by going to a third world country? That process is called medical travel, and is also known as medical tourism.

It’s a major industry in more than 50 countries worldwide, and a wonderful way to save money on your medical bills.

Just how much can you save with medical travel?

Medical Travel Benefits

More and more people are participating in medical travel—the process of traveling to another country, usually a country in the third world, in order to procure medical care. While medical travel has existed for thousands of years, it has only recently become a well known global phenomenon.

What are the benefits of medical travel?

What Are the Risks of Medical Travel?

Medical travel can look enticing: It can offer you the possibility of saving 90% or more on your medical treatments, and you may be able to receive immediate medical help.

If you’re faced with long wait times in your home country or exorbitant medical costs, this can be (literally) a life-saver.

Are there risks associated with medical travel though? Can you trust facilities in third world countries?

How Does Medical Travel Work?

Are you considering traveling across international borders to get a procedure or treatment?

How does medical travel work?

Where do you begin the process of getting in contact with a hospital which can administer a treatment to you in a foreign country?

Who Needs Medical Travel?

Can you benefit from the savings promised by the prospect of medical travel?

It all depends on your personal financial situation and what your medical needs are, but in all likeliness you can save money by traveling across borders for your care. 

Here are some examples of situations in which medical travel might be of particular value to you.  As you’ll discover, the benefits go beyond pure monetary importance: